Design1Miss Midge believes in beauty, quality and individuality, wonderful unique pieces that are only made once. Kind of like people really, every one a one of a kind. Clothes that are truly original, easy and fun to wear and wear and wear are what Miss Midge is about, they are easy to machine wash and if you really shake them out before you peg them they don’t need ironing either, they are beautiful but not precious so wear them everywhere and bring some smiles. In addition, Miss Midge seeks to promote a world where skills are valued and resources are used responsibly, that’s why all Miss Midge pieces are proudly produced individually and will never be mass produced or manufactured off shore at rates that exploit workers. Fabrics and trims are very often vintage and are enthusiastically sourced from all over, using up rather than wasting, and most fabrics are natural fibre. Design2They are clothes you really can feel good about and they look just as they should, special and as if they might have a story. So enjoy what Miss Midge is sharing with the world, joyful colour, creative energy and beautiful girls who look like beautiful girls and most of all enjoy the clothes, wear and love them, twirl and skip and dance in them and then hand them on to someone else to do the same.